Angry Dogs NFT

angry dogs nft

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NFT Collection

Pre-Mint – Marketing

We are working on a large scale marketing campaign, with influencers, projects and DAOs to reach every corner of the world.


Web3 – Community

In this stage, we will integrate our website with web3. Also, we are gathering the best community to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Token – Staking – Marketplace

We have the best team to do it, and they’re working on it.

Token Utility

Token Utility: raffles, future whitelists, airdrops and more.


Staking: rewards for special traits


Marketplace: where you can buy and sell NFT’s.

angry dogs nft

DAO – Wallet CAO

Post mint, our DAO will offer WL spots and alpha calls to help you grow in SOLANA. We also have the best alpha callers to manage our centralizated autonomous organization, or Wallet CAO for you. No voting, just sit and wait for your profits.

angry dogs nft

Discord Bots and Web3 Bots

As a holder, you will have full access to to our discord and web3 bots. You will have access to future projects, alpha calls, collection collaborations and much more

angry dogs nft

Airdrop Collabs with benefits

We believe that collections are strong when they have something that bounds them. This is why we will offer benefits to all holders of the airdrops.

angry dogs nft

AD App

Our app is accessable to Android and iOS users. All discord benefits and push notifications in one app to ensure you won’t miss any updates.

Utilities IRL 

We have acquired exclusive access rights with a mobile app development platform without the need for programming, and it will be an exclusive platform for holders of ANGRYDOG NFT’s.

Doxxing Projects

With legal advice, we hold a virtual worldwide contract for projects requiring doxxing services. Projects doxxed will recieve a legal document with an image showing doxxing proof.

Last Stage

Finally, as investors, our team is in contact with companies outside of the crypto sphere. We are already working to bring them into our crypto eco-system.

Phase 2

Our ideas to grow the AngryDog brand are endless. Hold on to the ANGRYDOG NFT’s and enjoy the ride.

Project Marketing & Artist Job bank

Our team knows how hard it is to get a new project off the ground. For this exact reason, we selected a group of experienced developers, programers and artists to assist with newborn projects to see that they reach their full potential. Also, we know that artist are in need of a protocol where they can show their talents and where projects can hire new talent safely, that’s why we are creating the premier Artists Job Bank for Solana.


▶️ = Working

✅ = Released

💎 **Launch** 💎

✅ Create a talented team of devs, artists, team moderators and collab managers passionate about our project.
✅ Launch a website, Twitter, Discord, write roadmap and white paper.
✅ Build a solid community of NFT lovers and investors.
✅ Grow and boost our community with a marketing campaign.
✅ Reward our members for contribution in our community with whitelists and special roles with benefits.
✅ Launch Raid2Earn program and boost our project with twitter raids of top Solana influencers.
✅ Collaborate with leading communities, best known DAOs, advisors and influencers in NFT world to build brand awareness, create partnerships and grow organically.

💎 **Mint** 💎

▶️ Launch mint when our mint day comes.
▶️ Just after our sold out list our collection on Magic Eden, the largest Solana's #1 marketplace.
▶️ Raised money from our mint will be used for building our DAO, investing in holders utilities, holders rewards and our future projects.

💎 **DAO tools** 💎

✅ We run holder verification service.
✅ We provide extra benefits for holders.
✅ We run holder chats where we decide our future plans and investments.
✅ We run holders suggestions channel where can suggest and vote for suggestions.
✅ We run list alert service.
✅ We run sale alert service.
✅ We run rarity checker service.
✅ We run floor price, volumes and listing checker service.
✅ We run NFT Profit calculator service.
✅ We run Solana TPS checker service.
✅ We run Fox Token Market info checker.
✅ We run prices and listings checker of all tokens in a SOL wallet.
✅ We run Hello Moon info tracker.
✅ Our holders will get access to whitelist sales for all our future collections.

💎 **Crypto tools** 💎

✅ We run a channel with crypto news.
✅ We run a channel with daily fear and greed index updates.
✅ We run a channel with VIP crypto signals and signals results.
✅ We run a channel with new crypto listings alerts.
✅ We run a channel with Famous Fox Federation new tokens alerts.